Developing a Fleet Safety Policy

An important element of a successful fleet safety program is having a management team that is committed to fleet safety. As part of this commitment, Management should develop a written policy that sets a tone for fleet safety and documents the company’s position regarding important fleet safety issues.

To be effective, the fleet safety policy should include the following elements:

The company’s right to deny employment to a job candidate based on his/her driving record.
The company’s intention to check motor vehicle records, accident reports and other evidence of an employee’s driving experience on a regular basis. This should also be an integral part of the screening process for job candidates.
The criteria that would disqualify a job candidate from being hired – or qualify a current employee to be terminated – due to his/her driving record. The policy should clearly state the maximum number of moving violations, accidents or other incidents permitted. For current employees, the policy should also outline the penalties or interventions that will take place if a driver exceeds those thresholds.
The company’s position on personal use of company vehicles or use by an employee’s spouse and or children.
The employee’s responsibility to report any accidents involving the company vehicle, even if there are no injuries or fatalities.

Once the policy is developed, it should be communicated to everyone involved in the hiring process, as well as to all fleet drivers. Feel free to contact us for support in the development or improvement of your fleet safety program.