Building owners, mechanical engineering firms, general contractors, and sprinkler contractors all rely on our fire protection engineering services, many of which have been with us for over 10 years! Our team includes several knowledgeable technicians/designers and licensed professional engineers with many years of experience in fire protection. We make every effort to be available when our clients need us. Whether it’s an urgent project, a last-minute coordination meeting, or a technical issue or question, we are always just one phone call away.

System Design

Water-based systems (wet, deluge, preaction, foam-water, dry, antifreeze)
Automatic sprinklers (ESFR, CMDA, CMSA, in-rack, etc.), fire pumps, fire hydrants, standpipes, fire hoses, special extinguishing agents, etc.
New constructions and retrofit systems for existing buildings
Detailed plans and installation details coordinated with other trades
Hydraulic calculations that optimize pipe diameters and system layout to reduce costs

Construction Surveillance

Periodic site visits throughout the construction phase
We find deficiencies over 95% of the time
Inspection summary report after every site visit
Review of technical data sheets and requests for payment
Certificate of conformity confirms the proper installation of your sprinkler system


Analysis of the adequacy of existing fire protection systems in accordance with the applicable standards
Analysis of the need for safeguards to minimize the risk of fire or explosion involving hazardous materials, processes, or operations
Establishing protection requirements for the storage of a variety of commodities, including flammable combustible liquids, rubber tires, roll paper, plastics, etc.
Conducting fire hydrant flow tests to determine the building’s available water pressure
Conducting fire pump tests
Developing evacuation plans and fire safety plans