We are committed to helping our customers protect their physical assets.

We are committed to helping our customers protect their physical assets. Our property specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to help our customers prevent and mitigate losses resulting from fire, flood, sprinkler leakage, burglary, windstorm, earthquakes and collapse. We perform site surveys at large, complex industrial and commercial properties and generate HPR-quality underwriting reports for use by the insured, the insurer, or the broker.

Developing and reviewing plant self-inspection programs
Providing fire protection systems training
Developing protection criteria for new constructions
Reviewing new fire protection installations
Testing fire protection equipment such as sprinklers, hydrants, pumps, municipal water supplies, etc.
Assisting with the development of hazard management programs such as for hot work, smoking, etc.
Reviewing burglar alarm systems and physical security protection
Assessing the adequacy of the controls with regards to the handling and storage of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials
Reviewing the loss prevention and emergency response procedures
Assessing the loss exposures due to natural hazards such as earthquake, flood, etc.
Evaluating business interruption exposures
Developing loss estimates for property damage and business interruption (MFL, PML, NLE)
Preparing building replacement cost estimates to ensure buildings are adequately insured
Assisting with the implementation of a business continuity plan
Benchmarking of various properties to industry best practices